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Our Mission

We are Committed to our Members

The Union Advantage Mission Statement

Union Advantage is committed to being the premier home buying and refinance solution for union members. Our goal is to serve as a union member advocate by providing high-quality service and mortgage education. Union Advantage will extend the benefit of the program by presenting union members with the best trained and most qualified loan consultants in the industry - who are ethical and demonstrate strong integrity. Our reputable business partners are hand selected and we are committed to providing partners who are trusted, experienced and a strong representation of our moral values. Through our union support, activities and efforts, we join together with our union members and community allies to build a stronger, more empowered and educated homeowner – while remaining steadfast on continuing to emphasize the importance of union labor.

Got Questions? We have Answers!

Q: How do I qualify for the Union Advantage Benefits?
A: Easy! Just let your Union Advantage representative know what union and local you belong to and you automatically qualify for all the benefits.
Q: Do my children qualify for the Union Advantage Benefits?
A: Yes. Any family member qualifies for the Union Advantage benefits which may include parents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews! They simply indicate that they are one of your family members and provide your union and local.
Q: What does Union PRIORITY status mean?
A: We understand union workers. We take the steps to make sure that our banks and underwriting teams are properly informed on how union workers are compensated and obtain work. This can be the difference in getting approved for a loan or not. Each of our staff members will give them a priority over other loans.
Q: Are the mortgage rates competitive?
A: As a mortgage banker, we receive wholesale pricing for mortgage rates which allows us to transfer lower rates to union members.
Q: Are the fees lower than other lenders & banks?
A: YES! You can count on our fees and rates to be lower. We can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars!
Q: What if I have had some credit issues in the past?
A: Our team of experts can help even those that have had issues with credit. We also have some special programs in place to help you become and remain a homeowner.
Q: What are Capital Financial Bancorp’s closing costs?
A: Capital Financial discount’s their costs for Union Members. Your benefi t has a value of about $700.
Q: What other benefits will I receive?
A: That’s the great thing about Union Advantage. Not only will you receive benefi ts regarding your mortgage needs, but you will also receive many more benefi ts on attorney, realtor, and insurance services.
Q: Can I use these discounts for investment properties?
A: Yes. We can do non-owner occupied investment properties, second homes as well as commercial properties.
Q: How do I get started with Union Advantage?
A: Simply log onto our website at www.unionadvantage.net OR call 888-UNION-09.